What are your values?

What do you value?

How will you create delta?

Your answers could make all the difference.

“Devin does a great job of presenting time-tested ideas in a new and easily attainable way. Enjoy the journey through the pages of this inspiring book!”


About the Book

Meaningful change will happen, when you focus on your values.

Your moral compass can direct your next steps in life. But if the arrow isn’t sure where to point, your efforts won’t have the impact you desire.

Change that with this motivational yet simple guide to prioritizing your values and connecting them to the most treasured people and parts of your life. The Values Delta will help you create a meaningful difference in yourself, your company, or your organization.

You’ll discover:

  • Two questions to start you on your Values Delta path.
  • The Values Delta Report Card, a tool to measure the impact of Priority Values.
  • Four steps to elevate moral values into your mindset and actions.
  • Inspirational stories of finding fulfillment through values-based living.
  • How to build The Values Delta concept into simple steps towards reaching meaningful goals.

Create the connection between who you are and what’s most important to you. Read The Values Delta for a values-based action plan to uplift and enrich the key aspects of your life.


Wow, wow, wow. I absolutely LOVE The Values Delta and highly recommend it to any individual looking to shift from good to great in their personal or professional life. The stories are captivating and the principles that Devin shares are pure truth. This book has inspired me to re-examen the values in my own life and helped me to recognize many areas of improvement.

Noelle Pikus Pace
World Champion and Olympic Medalist

This wonderful book shows how vitally important and impactful it is to first identify and then live by your values. This process is both freeing and empowering. Filled with terrific examples and authentic stories, Devin shows how embracing your true priorities can brighten your future and expand your possibilities--both personally and professionally. And Devin’s a tremendous model of what he teaches.

Stephen M. R. Covey
The New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Speed of Trust and Trust & Inspire

Devin has done it again. Growing up, Devin inspired me to be a better basketball player. In college, he mentored and helped me start my real estate investing career. And now through his book, The Values Delta, Devin has once again inspired me to identify my key values and then focus on simple ways that I can improve them. This is a valuable exercise for individuals and companies. I enjoyed and highly recommend The Values Delta to everyone!

Jacob Hawkins
Chief Marketing, Digital and Omni Officer at Forever 21

Living in a world of turmoil can be exhausting at times. It can feel as if the world is spinning out of control. The principles in The Values Delta outline a simple path for companies and individuals to regain a sense of control over the most meaningful aspects of our lives. I particularly appreciated the report cards because they are an easy tool to aid in positive change and stability for me and my business.

Wright J. Thurston Sr.
Entrepreneur and Professional Speaker

As a business leader and a dad, this book has had a tremendous practical effect on how I conduct myself with others. Devin’s two questions allowed me to define myself through a set of values! Once I had defined “me”, the Values Delta Report Card was a powerful tool for honestly measuring progress toward a better me.

David Mink
CEO, Avalaunch Media

If you know Devin then you know he loves life. He is optimistic, kind, hard- working and he cares deeply for others. Devin lives life purposefully. I have often wondered “What’s his secret?” In The Values Delta, he outlines a simple pattern that, if followed, can harness your God-given talents and develop your desired talents to make you a better person and uplift those around you. The stories and methods shared here succinctly convey the principles and processes to achieve outcomes that are reachable by anyone willing to take a little time to achieve a meaningful result as a short-term effort or a long- term way of living. It’s an extremely enjoyable and motivational read.

Kimball E. Hodges
Founder and COO, Wasatch Energy Management, LLC

Devin Durrant has identified an elegantly simple approach to help individuals, families, and organizations assess, prioritize, and identify the key values that are driving their behaviors. I recommend you read his book and apply his principles and methodology!

Lon E. Henderson
CEO, Ampelis LLC

In The Values Delta, my longtime friend and inspirational mentor Devin Durrant, doesn’t just teach what he knows – he teaches what he lives, who he is, what he’s done – offering the solution to the most critical dilemma of our day: Most people hate their jobs, only look forward to Friday instead of Monday, thinking they are paid by the hour, when, we are all paid for the value we bring to that hour. As a ‘behavioral bible,’ The Values Delta illuminates that the way we make ourselves more valuable is to embrace a set of Core Values, or Priority Values, as Devin calls them. Because the purpose of a leader is to grow more leaders who believe what you believe, not generate more followers, Devin explains that when we get ourselves and everybody in our families, businesses, sports teams, and schools to live by the Highest Values and follow the Daily Delta Plan - significant relationships, extreme profitability, character-based education, and winning take care of themselves! A must read if you’re serious about up-leveling who you really are!

Dan Clark
Hall of Fame Speaker and New York Times Bestselling Author of The Art of Significance

The Values Delta can lead to meaningful change in your life! Devin introduces a quantitative approach to identifying and developing our best qualities and applying that focus to the people and things of greatest significance to us. Take Devin’s challenge and get to know yourself better!

Greg Wrubell
“Voice of the Cougars” BYU radio play-by-play broadcaster

The Values Delta: A Small & Simple Way To Make a Positive Difference In Your Personal & Professional Life is a must read. Values are something that are important to me, and by reading this book it only enhances my relationships with my family, friends, and work colleagues. The Values Delta Report Card and the four delta steps will help you understand your values and then use them to impact the people in your lives and yourself in a positive way. I love how this book is sending a positive message to everyone while increasing your chances of success!

Jimmer Fredette
Professional Athlete/Entrepreneur

Our organization and family regard our core values of hard work, integrity, service, and stewardship as fundamental to everything we do – they are the foundation of who we are. Devin Durrant’s book The Values Delta, helps readers reflect, evaluate, and practice values to become the best version of themselves. Durrant’s shared stories and easy-to-use tools are applicable in our personal and professional lives. This book is a valuable resource for building a solid foundation based on ethics and values.

Gail Miller
Founder and Owner of the Larry H. Miller Company

Devin’s message of the power of doing small and simple things resonates with me. During my football career and now as a business executive and sports analyst, I’ve seen time and time again in business, sports, and at home how small, focused efforts can lift people to greater heights and successes. Devin does a great job of presenting time-tested ideas in a new and easily attainable way. Enjoy the journey through the pages of this inspiring book!

Steve Young
NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback

I’ve known Devin for many years and can attest to his passion for making a positive difference in the lives of those around him. This innovative work offers a fresh take on the importance of identifying and connecting personal values to individual happiness and success.

Taylor R. Randall
President, University of Utah

Devin's new book is a revelation, filled with fresh insights and inspiring stories. Who thought you could quantify VALUES? Devin did. This book will transform and elevate your thinking on Values (what Devin calls Priority Values) - the moral values most important to us today. Devin's life is the embodiment of his book - you can feel his authenticity and credibility in the pages of his book.

David M. R. Covey
Bestselling author of Trap Tales: Outsmarting the 7 Hidden Obstacles to Success and CEO of SMCOVEY

If you desire to more closely align your character with your values—for yourself, your family, or your company—and you’re looking for uncomplicated and effective motivation to do just that, this book is for you. Devin leads you through his simple strategy in the early pages of the book, then gives you case studies and insight to inspire meaningful change. Engaging, humorous, and authentic. Applicable to people of all ages and circumstances who want to raise their game to a higher level.

Camille Fronk Olson
Author and Educator

The Values Delta took me on a journey of introspection of where I place the most value in my own life; not only by providing helpful tools and insights, but through the authors own vulnerabilities and personal experiences.  As a small business owner I found this simple, yet impactful invitation to be transformational in how I intend to interact, motivate, and lead my team going forward.  A brilliant self-improvement playbook!

Kym Nelson
SealSource International, LLC, President and Founder

Devin’s book The Values Delta really hit home the importance of listing and recognizing your values and what you stand for. From the minute I started to read, I could not stop or put this book down.  His book made a huge positive difference in my personal life as well as my professional life! This is my best day so far! I do the small and simple things that make a powerful difference. Devin, ‘Thanks for the cab ride!

Ed Terris
Vice President Sales, KT Tape

Reading The Values Delta has given me an optimistic approach to prioritizing my values, both personally and professionally. I feel I have now re-examined my morals and values through a new lens, giving me an improved path forward in which to make a positive “delta” in my life, therefore, positively affecting the lives of my family members and colleagues around me.

Lee Johnson
18 year NFL career as a punter

Devin’s book is extremely timely as we all reevaluate our lives and where we go from here. Everyone needs to add new and more value to our existing and surviving values to help give direction and faith in our new lives that will emerge. I will treasure and value this book as a key source for needed inspiration and direction. Devin is a prime example for us all to follow in becoming a better father and parent, friend, trusted business associate, leader and boss.

Phil Hoopes, Sr.
Founder, Hoopes Vision

Devin has been a great source of spiritual strength and information to me for many years. If you are looking for ways to feel more joy in your life, read this great book. You will find that a positive delta will be the outcome of pondering from these pages!

Chad Lewis
Former Philadelphia Eagles 3-Time Pro Bowl Selection at Tight End

Meet the Author

Devin Durrant is the owner of multiple real estate–centric companies. After succeeding as a consensus All-American at Brigham Young University and a two-time Academic All-American, he played for the Indiana Pacers. As an elite athlete, Devin learned how important values were for team and individual success. In real estate, Devin’s work and philosophy centers around adding value to his employees and properties. An inspirational public speaker, Devin has spoken around the world for over 40 years.


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